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The 1-Year Mark: President Trump’s 1st Year In Office

Courtesy of NBC News

Courtesy of NBC News

AnnaGrace Schoeffler, Editor-in-chief

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The ultimate question for couples is will they make it past the 1-year mark.  Couples left and right break up right before they make it a year, and of course we all have that couple in our friend group who we know won’t make it past 2 months much less a year.  A congratulations is in order for a MAJOR couple that just hit the 1-year mark.  Most people in America never thought this day would come, but I, for one, ship the relationship.  As of January 20th, 2018, Donald Trump and America have officially made 1 year. 

In the last 365 days, there have been triumphs and downfalls for President Trump, but the triumphs and victories outweigh the failures.  Not only is America winning under President Trump, but he is setting up a foundation which will allow our generation to win for years to come.  With Trump’s 1st year in coming to a close, I have come up with a list of 5 major accomplishments that will directly benefit our generation.  

  1. The GOP Tax Bill
  2. Economy
  3. Defeating ISIS
  4. Regulatory Reform
  5. Foreign Policy

The GOP Tax Bill

So as teengers you might be thinking, how do these tax cuts apply to me?  While the tax cuts may not apply directly to us, they do apply directly to our parents.  We will benefit from this reform because our parents will have more money in their pockets to spend on our needs.

The GOP tax bill passed in December of 2017 will bring huge benefits for businesses and everyday working people across the country. On his Fox News TV show, Sean Hannity said that this bill will bring “Reagan-style economic explosion” in 2018.  According to USA Today, immediately after the bill was passed, companies like AT&T, Wells Fargo, and more announced Christmas bonuses and salary increases.  

According to the New York Times,  some Democrats believe that this bill will only help those involved in corporate America not everday Americans.  Despite opposition, ultimately the bill passed in both the House (227-203) and the Senate (51-48).  

CBS News conducted a study evaluating how the tax reform bill would effect 3 sample families.  After assessing the families’ past tax returns and applying the new tax cuts, accountant Jeffrey Levine came to the conclusion that all three families would save money in 2018.  For more information on the study:

The proof is in the pudding: whether you are a Republican or Democrat, it seems obvious this tax bill will save all Americans money on taxes.  

This bill also signifies unity in the Republican party.  Republicans in all branches of government rallied together to make this bill happen.  Hannity also stated that this bill allowed Trump and the Republican party to create “a blueprint for victory in 2018.”  By this he means that if the Republicans in Congress can continue working with President Trump and his administration and keep the momentum going, they can accomplish things such as Obamacare repeal, the building of the wall, and DACA reform.  


So what does the growth of the economy mean for our generation?  This means that as we prepare for college or go out into the real world, we can go out into the working world with confidence in the economy.  Although not everyone credits the Trump administration and a Republican Congress for this accomplishment, the economy boomed during 2017.  The surge in the economy cannot be ignored.  According to Sean Hannity, unemployment is at a 17-year-low, the stock market is at an all-time high, 1.7 million jobs have been created, companies like Ford, Dow Chemical, General Motors, and more have reinvested in America since Trump’s victory in 2016.  There is a positive climate and confidence boost for small business and entrepreneurs across America.

Even left-leaning media outlets cannot overlook the thriving economy under President Trump.  A New York Times headline reads, “The Trump Effect: Business, Anticipating Less Regulation, Lossens Purse Strings” (

Defeating ISIS

Since 9/11, terror attacks have been on the mind of all Americans.  Our generation grew up in a world where terrorism was on the rise, and in the past few years, ISIS has been a constant source of fear for people worldwide.  With the weakening of ISIS, that fear is now relieved.

Although the Bush and Obama administrations also worked to defeat ISIS, efforts quickly increased under Defense Secretary James Mattis and the Department of Defense.  Trump’s boost in military investment comes from his stated goal of defeating ISIS.  According to the Defense Department, President Trump and his administration haves liberated 15,570 square miles from ISIS as opposed to Obama’s 13,200 square miles.  Only 1,930  square miles of land in the Middle East are still held by ISIS, and there only approximately 1,000 ISIS fighters left.  In 2017, 5.3 million people who were being held were freed in the Middle East.  

Regulatory Reform

I know you’re wondering, “What does regulatory reform means for us?” These reforms benefit businesses across the nation, and specifically they help oil and gas companies.  

Recent past presidents have implemented many regulations, and one of Trump’s campaign promises was to cut down on regulations; for every new regulation established, two must be removed.  Trump recently said, “We aimed for 2-for-1 and in 2017, we hit 22-for-1.”  According to CNN Trump’s goal is to get back to the 1960 level of regulation and reduce regulations tremendously.  In 1960 there were approximately 20,000 pages of regulations and December 2017, there where 185,000 pages.  These reforms signify a more Republican-based government, because Republicans usually promote a less-regulated government while Democrats focus on regulating businesses.  

Many regulations that have been lifted by President Trump regard the oil and gas industry, which means that the state of Louisiana is directly affected.  For example President Obama placed a restriction prohibiting Oil and Gas companies from drilling and fracking in certain areas.  Now that Trump has rescinded this regulation, the oil and gas industry has more leeway in daily operations and may be more willing to invest in more exploratory drilling.  Many South Louisiana families have been affected by the decline of the oil and gas industry, but hopefully with deregulation, the oil and gas companies in Lafayette will flourish.  

Foreign Policy/National Security

As we are about to head to college and then enter the working world, we must realize that Trump’s foreign policy stance will affect the way international businesses will view America.  

President Trump’s foreign policy ideals have had a huge impact on America in 2017.  Although he has had conferences and meetings with leaders across the world, President Trump has made it clear that America comes first. states, “President Trump is bolstering American influence by leading a coalition of strong and independent nations to promote security, prosperity, and peace both within America’s borders and beyond. The promise of a better future will come in part from reasserting American sovereignty and the right of all nations to determine their own futures.”  

With national security and immigration reform, again America will come first. states, “Rebuilding U.S. deterrence to preserve peace through strength must be our Nation’s top priority. The unprecedented era of peace that followed World War II revealed that the free world is safest when America is strongest. The slow depletion of our military in recent years has resulted in an escalation of threats the world over, which President Trump is committed to reversing.”  

Through immigration and national security reform, President Trump believes that in order to make America strong and great again, we must reform America before we allow others in.  

This is important because it directly affects our safety and the future mindset of our country.

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The 1-Year Mark: President Trump’s 1st Year In Office