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50 Things to Do When You’re Bored

Taylor Tucker, Staff Writer

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Are there times when you find yourself bored out of your mind? Do you waste hours trying to think of a solution to oppressive boredom?

Whether you’re alone, with friends, or with family; whether it’s a perfect summer day, scorching hot day, cold rainy day, snowy day, or any type of day, here are 50 things to do when you’re bored.


  1. Read this Article! If you have nothing to do start here!
  2. Exercise. Examples include going for a walk, run, sit-ups or push-ups.
  3. Organize or Clean. Try to complete a huge organizational project, or just focus on small projects like rearranging a desk or vacuuming a room!
  4. Contact Family. You can visit, call, or even send a handwritten note to any family member including grandparents, cousins, or uncles and aunts to just tell them about your life and that you love them!
  5. Make or Bake Something. Whether it’s making bracelets, sewing a dress, or baking a cake or homemade pizza, there are endless possibilities with making or baking something!
  6. Draw, Paint, or Color! All you need is your imagination to start drawing, painting or coloring! If you need inspiration go to the Art Walk downtown every 2nd Saturday of the month.
  7. Relax. Life is crazy! So take a break. Try yoga or even take a bubble bath, and turn on your favorite music that calms you and relax!
  8. Take a Power Nap. There are many health benefits with napping.

Isabella Broussard said, “When I’m bored I take a nap, unless I am with my friends. We usually go out to eat when we are all bored!”

  1. Listen to Music. Put on upbeat songs that will boost your mood and energy!
  2. Learn a new language. The Ethnologue catalogue of world languages currently has 6909 languages, so start learning!
  3. Go to Kart Ranch or Chuck E Cheese. Grab some friends and be a kid again!
  4. Form Lists. List your dreams, goals, recipes, travel ideas, or even outfits you want.
  5. Dance. Blare your favorite song and boogie.
  6. Read a Book. Whether you have books at home or a library near you, curl up with a book and blanket and get reading!
  7. Make a Time Capsule. Put some pictures, small items, and a written letter in a box and bury it away somewhere. Forget about it, then find it years later!
  8. Have a Photoshoot. The photoshoot can be of you, your friends, nature or even food!
  9. Try to find a way to make more money. Look for jobs near you, take surveys, or babysit.
  10. Go to Painting with a Twist. Go painting with some friends or go by yourself.
  11. Go to Clayfish Bisque or Pottery Alley. Try something new with painting and making pottery.
  12. Learn Geography. Learn all 50 States, all the Countries, or every ocean.
  13. Go for a Drive or Bike Ride. Get in your car or hop on your bike to go explore and experience nature!

Steven Furka (‘18) says, “I play video games like Rainbow with my friends.” He looked around at his friends, laughed, then said, “The most outrageous thing I’ve done is do donuts in the F250!”

  1. Find New Music. Whether you have Apple Music, Spotify, or Soundcloud, you can find every genre of music that excites you.
  2. Build. Build new furniture for your room or even just a small box to help organize.
  3. Watch Movies. Rewatch your favorite movie or watch a movie for the first time. Go to the movie theater or stay at home the options are endless.
  4. Play Games. There are board games, Xbox, Playstation, or Wii that offer games to play with friends or alone.

Hans Trosclair (‘20) taking a while to answer stated, “I really don’t do anything when I’m bored.” He looked at his friends with a blank face, then said, “When I am with my friends we ride bikes, and play Xbox.” Hesitating he said, “The most outrageous thing I have ever done when I’m bored is not write an essay for my English class.”

  1. Go to the Horse Farm or Girard Park. Both of these parks are great for hanging in an eno, having a picnic, or just walking your dog.
  2. Go Bowling. In Lafayette there are Acadiana Lanes and Lafayette Bowling Lanes. Both are perfect to hang out with friends and have fun!
  3. Go to the Gym. There are many options of places to workout. Some examples are Red’s, Planet Fitness, Cyclebar, or Orange Theory.
  4. Play Golf or Putt Putt. Louisiana Open Inc and Belly Putt are great places to play.
  5. Have a Makeover. Dye, cut, or restyle your hair. Change things up with a new look!
  6. Do your Nails. Go to the nail salon or stay at home and give yourself a manicure and pedicure!
  7. Go to Epic Entertainment. This a perfect place to go if you are looking to zipline or go down a giant slide!

Ashley Hyde (‘20) says, “When I’m bored I play with dogs in my room, but when I am with my friends we go to CC’s for coffee. The most outrageous thing I have ever done is go ziplining in Georgia at the Callaway Gardens.”

  1. Do Facials. Treat your skin with a facial mask that helps hydrate skin, smooth, and remove dead skin cells and unclog pores.
  2. Plan a Trip. Look at your calendar and schedule a vacation. Plan a road trip or book a flight and travel anywhere!
  3. Go to Acadiana Paintball. If you’re not afraid to get a little dirty then this is a great place to go with some friends to play paintball.
  4. Buy a Pet. Pets Unlimited has a variety of pets to choose from that will keep you busy.
  5. Go to the Park. STM has a great track and field for students and their families to go play football or soccer. Along with STM, the Youngsville Sports Complex and the new Broussard Sports Complex are great places to go too.
  6. Go Fishing. Find a pond, lake, or even a ditch near you and go fishing!Lake Martin is a great spot to go canoeing!
  7. Watch Netflix. There are hours of endless movies for you to binge watch.

Kenzi Berzas (‘21) said, “When I’m alone or with friends I watch Netflix in my room.” She looked away, laughed, then enthusiastically exclaimed, “The most outrageous thing I have done is paint my toenails neon green!”

  1. Go Shopping. Go to the Mall of Acadiana or explore stores near you.
  2. Watch Youtube. There is an endless amount of videos to watch online.
  3. Go to Blue Bayou. Take a road trip to Baton Rouge with some friends and go to this awesome water park!
  4. Go to Skyzone or Jump Zone. These are two great places to go with friends or alone to get your jump on!
  5. Go to Volley Beach. If you love playing sand volleyball, Volley Beach is the perfect place to go!
  6. Make a Bucket List. Think of everything you want to do and write it down! As you finish things you can check them off of the list!
  7. Go to Cajun X Cables.  According to their website, “Cajun X Cables is Louisiana’s first and only full size cable wake park. A cable wake park allows beginner to experienced riders to wakeboard, wakeskate or waterski on a controlled lake without a boat.”
  8. Bird Watch. Go outside and enjoy nature by birdwatching!
  9. Go to Ice Skating. Planet Ice is a great place to go! Ice skating is another way to stay active and have fun at the same time!
  10. Go Swimming. Find a pool or any safe area with water and go swimming!
  11. Plant a Garden. Plant some seeds in a pot or in your backyard.


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50 Things to Do When You’re Bored