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15 Things I Would Never Do Again

Addison Wright, Staff Writer

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15 Things I Would Never Do Again

  1. Watch The Exorcist and then go to sleep. Never. Again.
  2. Kennedy Welborne (‘21) says, “I will never use a public restroom again. It was so nasty!” I’d have to agree with Kennedy on this one. Most public restrooms are a no-go for me.
  3. Sleep outside. Take it from me, sleeping outside is miserable in South Louisiana unless you enjoy sweating and getting bitten by mosquitoes through your clothes.
  4. Talk back to my parents. Marissa Alexander (21’) says, “I get my phone taken away every time! I will never talk back to my mom again.”
  5. Eat and then ride Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster in Disney World. I don’t need to explain myself on this one…
  6. Go on a hot air balloon ride. Although it was fun, heights and I don’t mix very well.
  7. Eat escargot. It tasted fine, but the thought of eating snails is enough to send me and almost anyone from the South running.
  8. Procrastinate studying (I will most likely do this again, but I would like to think it will never happen again.)
  9. Luc Picard (20’) says he will never go to Skyzone again because he broke his ankle while on the trampolines. Luc, although I understand why you don’t want to return, Skyzone is my go-to place when boredom strikes.
  10. Say, “I have enough gas to make it home and then the gas station.” Never. Again. If you drove past someone stopped on the side of Johnston Street last week, it was most likely me.
  11. Drink coffee before bed. If anyone is wondering, I never went to sleep.
  12. Walk (or run if you’re like me) through The 13th Gate. I am not sure who came up with this, but props to you and your horrific imagination.
  13. Go to school running on two hours of sleep. The test I stayed up studying for… I failed because I fell asleep during it.
  14. Walk through a cemetery at night. I didn’t even mean to do this. However, it gave off creepy vibes.
  15. Swing from a branch over a lake. Let’s just say that the branch was more of a twig and I was not prepared to go swimming..
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15 Things I Would Never Do Again