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Anna Guillory

Mrs. Guillory’s child. Coffee lover. Curly-haired. Anna Guillory is a member of the STM Varsity Soccer team. Though she plays this strenuous sport, she hates running. She actually hates almost everything that involves athleticism. If you're looking to find the true Anna Guillory, check her bed. She is most likely curled up with her fat cat, Minx, sleeping soundly. When she is not sleeping, she is most likely eating some sort of fast food. Any time she is not sleeping, eating, or playing soccer, she is hanging out with her good friends Tatum and Kinley. These two may just be her best friends because they also enjoy the wonders of sleeping and eating, but hey, that’s okay! Even though Anna has quite the busy schedule, she still is capable of maintaining her 4.0 GPA.

Anna Guillory, Staff Writer

Nov 15, 2017
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