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2017-2018 Staff

AnnaGrace Schoeffler

Editor in Chief

LSU superfan. Shopping addict. Country music-obsessed. AnnaGrace is everyone’s go-to political chick. When she’s not out searching for the latest stories to cover, you can find her online shopping,  binge watching her lat...

Drew Ahrens

Website Manager

  Ginger. Animal lover. Cat and food enthusiast. Drew Ahrens helps bring the sass into newspaper along with getting things done when needed. She is a lover of animals, music, and getting the truth out. Somehow becam...

Julia Porche

Design Editor

Coffee lover. Binge watcher. Bookworm. From aspiring news reporter to french fry enthusiast, Julia Porche is always up for whatever challenges lie ahead. She loves socializing with her peers and enjoys getting to know ...

Grace Miholic

Staff Writer

Lover of big cities, humor, and helping others. Grace Miholic is an avid reader and aspiring journalist. She enjoys watching Netflix with her dogs and writing in her bedroom with her cat. Grace also finds pleasure in speaking...

Ana Barry

Staff Writer

Fun sized. Part-time mermaid. Passionate worrier. Ana Barry is a pint full of affection and drive. She is a swimmer and an avid beach lover. The water is her happy place. Her growing passion for all things new feeds into her ...

Gabe Chiasson

Staff Writer

French Irishman. Tea enthusiast. Man of God. This son of an English teacher decided to take a break from Overwatch and put his writing skills to use. He spends most of his time studying --emphasis on the "dying"-- for AP Biol...

Taylor Tucker

Staff Writer

Jesus lover. Travel addict. Professional procrastinator. Taylor Tucker is a senior who plays soccer at STM. She has a  short attention span, but can easily focus on the things she is passionate about. Her favorite things to do...

Anna Guillory

Staff Writer

Mrs. Guillory’s child. Coffee lover. Curly-haired. Anna Guillory is a member of the STM Varsity Soccer team. Though she plays this strenuous sport, she hates running. She actually hates almost everything that involves athleticism. ...

Tatum Guidry

Staff Writer

Friendly.  Food addict.  Southern state of mind.  Senior Tatum Guidry gives 100 percent in everything she does.  On the days she is not hard at work on the latest edition of Cougar Prints, you can find her eating at Deano-O's...

Addison Wright

Staff Writer

Adventurous. Passionate. Easygoing. From the soccer field to the classroom, Addison Wright is ready to take on just about anything life throws at her. She loves building new relationships, finding common interests, and connec...

Sophie Varisco

Staff Writer

Animated. Blessed. Coffee junkie. Sophie Varisco is a junior and fresh face to the Cougar Prints' staff. Her peppy spirit brings a new energy of excitement and enthusiasm to journalism. You might catch her at morning Mass, girls' Bible...

Kiersten Landry

Staff Writer

Quiet. Laugh enthusiast. Procrastinator. Senior Kiersten "Keeks" Landry is a fun-spirited girl who loves to laugh. She tends to laugh at just about anything and everything. She brings joy to the newspaper classroom. Kiersten ...

Matthew Noel

Staff Writer

Thoughtful. Studious. Listener. Matthew Noel loves playing outside with his friends and family. He is a senior in the Options Program where he finds a passion in reading and writing. Matthew is dedicated to his work and loves...

Ross Torian

Chief Editor

Ross is a Adobe Premiere God and Mrs. Robins trusted main editor. He is Lafayette grown and a local film maker. Editing amazing cougar cast videos not without the help of his hourly protein bar.  He has been in cougar cast for...

Emily Stevens

Chief of Social Media

Has absolutely no idea how to work computers. Just in cougar cast because she loves Ms. Robin. Layne Carriere is her partner-in-crime.

Emilie Stephenson


Competitive figure skater. Cat obsessed. A total geek. Emilie Stephenson is a Sophomore. She loves Sushi but can never afford it because it is too expensive. When she is not skating she is either editing or looking at a compu...

Layne Carriere

Sound Technician

Julianne Frey


Dedicated dancer for 13 years. Lafayette, Louisiana, born and raised. Vans obsessed. She is a sophomore who loves getting to know people. When she is not stressing over school, she can be found trying to save an outfit from e...

Joseph Benton


Josef Benton.  Latecomer to Cougar Cast.  New to broadcasting. Afraid of computers.  Seeks transcendence.  Cougar Cast has put him in contact with the joy of humanity as found in his classmates. A proud and long-time member...

Lilly Lochridge

Graphic Designer

Lilly Lochridge. Ms. Robin’s favorite student. She is a lover of cougar cast, food, eating in cougar cast, and winning Ms. Robin’s heart. She enjoys socializing with peers and telling them how marvelous cougar cast is. Lilly i...

Rhett LaCombe

Weather and Sports Anchor

Homegrown honey. Huntin' Fishin' Lovin' every day. Public school survivor. Baseball player. Campus Minister. Tailgate committee chairperson. Boolin' daily....

Chris Paulson


Just your friendly neighborhood A+ certified computer technician. He began helpdesk for STM in the 8th grade, so is basically Ms. Robin’s right hand man. A genius when it comes to anything computer related.  He also doubles...

Carlin Sekhani-Matthews

Chief Anchor

Hails from a big city out west. Lover of music and ice cream. Loud voice for the underdog. Passionate about social issues. Big sister to 2 fabulous felines. When not searching for big stories to cover, you can find Carlin sear...

Jeff Cormier

More Truth

Mr. Cormier has been teaching high school Catholic Theology for the past 17 years and also currently serves as the Religion Administrator of St. Thomas More.

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